VCRRC Mission Statement

The Virginia Capital Representation Resource Center is a not-for-profit law firm dedicated to providing direct representation in death penalty cases in the Commonwealth of Virginia and assisting attorneys representing death-sentenced inmates or those facing possible death sentences.

VCRRC is committed to improving the quality of capital representation in the Commonwealth of Virginia at the trial, appellate, and post-conviction stages through representation, collaboration and educational seminars and Continuing Legal Education programs designed to address the far-reaching issues arising in the course of capital litigation.

Donation Information

The Virginia Capital Database Project is in the process of collecting information from every death penalty case in Virginia since the reinstatement of capital punishment in 1976 and storing the information in a digitally-accessible format. With the extensive assistance of volunteer students, information is being compiled from every stage of the capital trial, appellate, and post-conviction process. As the historical portion of the database is being collected, appointed capital defense counsel, including Virginia's four regional Capital Defender Offices, will have the capacity to enter new capital case information prospectively.


This project is financially assisted by the Virginia Law Foundation.